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Never in any possible view I had of the future had I anticipated this fate. Forever subservient to another of my kind. One who was never meant to join my race. My master becoming a demon was truly the worst punishment anyone could bestow. My master changed entirely. I had thought him to be cruel and unforgiving as a human his new power had only amplified his darkness. He used to only harm those who stood in his way or had wronged him. Now he abused purely for the sadistic thrill.

I happened to be his new favorite target. Now that there wasn’t a trace of fear over the end of the contract and my ownership of his soul he could treat me any way he pleased. Without any focus or direction besides sating his hunger his amusement appeared to be my pain. Whenever a punishment was dolled out I wasn’t allowed to expedite my healing, no I had to heal as any common human would. Anyone would be able to clearly see the marks covering my body.

His hunger came before my own. I was starving after going years without any decent meal but that mattered little to him. I retrieve his meals and he ate in front of me. Very seldom was I allowed my own meal. Often times I was injured and ravenous. My hatred towards him grew every day. I had been jaded and I desired my freedom above all else.

The things I would do to obtain that freedom would shock anyone.

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